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02 Feb 2021
Lawyer Productivity Template

Always busy? Here is how using templates can make you more efficient, and give you extra time in your busy day.

Do you always feel like you don’t have enough time to get through the work on your desk? Always busy? Always trying to catch up with your workload? Feel like you don’t even have time to learn how to do something new that could help?

As a former legal secretary, I know how crazy the ‘normal’ day and duties can get. You start the day with a nice concise To Do list and by 10.30 am that neat little list is out the window.

Well, setting up document templates can really help with this. I’ll be honest with you, templates used to make me nervous. Just the thought of them, setting them up, trying to use them and they not working properly – not to mention macros or over complicated mail merges that never seem to go smoothly.

Time Managemenet for Law FirmsAt times it felt some of these ‘time savers’ were more of a hindrance than a help and you were better
off doing it the long way just to make sure it worked. We’ve all been there.

Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. And, thankfully word got back to Microsoft that
they needed to help us with some of the more mundane and tedious tasks. The Microsoft suite
available in Office 365 and SharePoint has developed and become much more intuitive over the years.
Now we have serious tools that make templates so much easier to set up and run. Because of this you
can free up valuable time producing and using templates for the regular documents your firm uses to
communicate with your clients or to process the forms or correspondence.

Templates are a fantastic way to save time when you are generating documents like letters of
engagement, reminder letters, letters for appointments, or requests for more information; they work
for any standard recurring letter you have in your system. All you need to do is set up your template
once and then you can apply it thousands of times for different files and different clients.

If you’re already using Thread as your case management solution, the fastest way to start using your
templates is for you to drag and drop your existing templates into your Templates folder. Then you’re
just a few clicks away from setting up the custom fields you need for advanced document management and increased productivity.

Setting up a new document is super simple.

– You start with a blank page.
– If you have a document you want to template you can copy and paste text from previous or historic – document. Or you can start afresh with your new blank Word document.
– As you move down through the text, place your cursor where you want to insert the fields that will auto populate the information you need to include.

Thread Legal Template Designer Add-in AppSource

We’ve worked with Microsoft to add value to your day to day running of documents and templates by ensuring our Thread Template Designer is available to you in your Office 365 Word Online. Our Thread Template Designer sits on your Word Online ribbon easily accessible and always available for you.

With Thread we’ve even done the hard work for you and gathered together the types of fields you’ll need to include. We’ve broken these fields down into different categories; contact, case, global and bill. So,
when you’re going through your document we have the fields ready and waiting for you to insert at the exact point you need them in the document.

For example, you might want to include a salutation to the beginning of the letter;

– Simply pop into the template contact category to find the field you want, Contact First Name and Contact Last Name.
– Make sure you have a space between the fields and you’re good to go – you have the salutation for your letter ready.
– Repeat this step throughout the document to insert various fields at relevant points.

– Once these fields are located at the key areas, all you need to do is click and let the template do its magic

We promise you that having templates set up will make life so much easier and you can process the forms, letters and documents much faster – leaving you feeling less overwhelmed and giving you extra
minutes to catch your breath and be more productive.

Our Thread Template Add-in is available on the Microsoft Office Store and can only be used in conjunction with Thread Legal – our pure cloud case management solution.

Thread – the missing piece of Office 365 for lawyers.

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