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02 Mar 2021
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Dread organizing and submitting your expenses at the end of the month? See how Thread’s logging capabilities make it possible to save one or many receipts, hassle free, at a convenient time for you.

How much do you dread organizing and submitting your expenses at the end of the month? We’ve all been there – emptying our wallets, digging in pockets and laptop bags to find that last elusive receipt. You know it’s there somewhere, but you just can’t put your hand on it. Then you have to put them all in order, find your company’s expense form template, dig back through your diary and rack your brains to remember which is which and what file or client your various pieces of paper refer to.

Does it bring you out in cold sweat? And, if that’s not enough – then maybe you even have to find a blank A4 page and stick all the various sized and shaped receipts onto this page so they all fit before you can scan it and send it off to the Accounts Department. What if it was all so much easier?

With Thread you can record your expenses when they happen, wherever you are. You can access your files from your mobile or tablet and hit the shortcut button to quickly add an expense. Thread allows you to log expenses directly to the file, add details and even take a photo of the receipt. We’ve made it so simple and easy to capture all the necessary details so you don’t have to go searching later on when you’re processing everything.

Now, we know that some expenses won’t happen when you’re out of the office, some will be email attachments or received in the post; and sometimes you’ll have multiple receipts for the same file. We’ve also thought of how to cut down on the amount of admin time you have to spend on this. If you have just received a number of expenses, or you prefer to process a batch of them at a particular time, Thread allows you to log batch expenses. Once you added your first one, the system will ask if you want to save just this one or if you have more you need to log. Save one or save many at the same time.

Ok, so you’ve conquered the first hurdle – you have recorded in Thread, you have them assigned to the correct file, with all the necessary details, codes etc. Great. Now what do you do? Well, you can either include in your client billing – another easy function in Thread – or you may want to view all of them first to double check.

Easy! Thread’s reporting lets you select and view all your expenses for the month, and see the file and category associated with them. This gives you an accurate snapshot to show you where your money and or client’s money has been incurred for their file. Once you have your report you can export to a Excel for ease of reference for you, and your Accounts Department.

This is just one of the many elements of your day to day pain points Thread can resolve for you.

Contact us to learn what else Thread can do to reduce your workload, free up valuable time and help you be more productive.

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