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Smart Legal Contracts on the Rise: 5 Real-life Examples of Smart Contracts

To the dismay of many parties, a world without solicitors is probably never going to materialise. However, emerging technology in the form of smart contracts is altering how legal documents are written. Smart …

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Small Law Firm

How to propel the growth of your Small Legal Firm?

Legal firms are similar to other businesses in many ways, despite their obvious and technical differences. It …

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How to use Legal Templates

How to get most out of the Legal Templates

Join us on the 25th of May at 2 pm for our next webinar where you can …

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How to deal with Disorganized Data in your Law Firm?

How to deal with Disorganised Data in your Law firm?

Every day, a conventional legal practise interacts with a large amount of data. Files over files get …

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Microsoft 365 for Law Firms

Should I Be Thinking About Microsoft 365 for my Law Firm?

For most lawyers, Microsoft’s Word, Outlook and other products are familiar parts of their everyday life. Should …

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Guaranteed Irish Thread Legal Software Rebrand

Thread Software Rebranded Experience for our customer base

New Image / Same Drive For the past several months, we have been working hard on our …

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How to create a Legal Brief?

How to create a Legal Brief in less than two minutes?

“It’s a good thing justice is blind because a lot of legal labour is done in briefs.” …

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Artificial Intelligence in Legal Industry

The Lawyer’s Practical Guide to: Artificial Intelligence

As a lawyer, you probably hear a lot about new technologies, but don’t have time to sit …

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New Year – New Tech – New You

As businesses reach the end of their fiscal year, they review performance and look ahead to the …

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Effective Collaboration for Law Firms

Effective Collaboration for Law Firms

Effective Collaboration for Law Firms ‘Collaboration’ has become a productivity buzzword – desired by all, but often …

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5 Top ‘Life Hacks’ for Lawyers: How to get the Most out of Your Day

Working as a solicitor/attorney, paralegal, or other legal practitioner is incredibly time-consuming and challenging. To help out, …

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Thread Legal and Microsoft for Lawyers

Thread Legal – the Missing piece of Microsoft Office 365 for Lawyers

If you are a law firm using Microsoft Office 365 and need something extra to complete your …

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Smart Contracts for Law Firms

The Lawyer’s Practical Guide to: Smart Contracts

The Lawyer’s Practical Guide to: Smart Contracts As a lawyer, you probably hear a lot about new …

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